Our philosophy

Working hand in hand with suppliers

At VERMOP, we strive to build open, collaborative relationships with our suppliers and maintain these over time. When choosing our suppliers, we focus in particular on competitive price structures, outstanding quality and innovative drive. We work with our suppliers to leverage savings potential by implementing systematic, target-driven initiatives that are always realistic and fair.


Our overarching objective is to make a lasting contribution to the success of our customers. In order to achieve this, we have defined the following goals:

  • To continually improve the products, services and processes we provide in collaboration with our suppliers.
  • To guarantee competitive prices through the systematic implementation of cost-efficiency measures with our suppliers and within our own walls.
  • To guarantee security of supply at all times.
  • To further strengthen our innovative capabilities and those of our suppliers.
  • To help preserve resources by providing products that last a long time.

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Key enablers

To live up to our philosophy and achieve our goals, we need a compass that maps out a set of common values. The following documents provide valuable guidelines:


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