Aquva System


Time-tested wet wiping system

The Aquva System from VERMOP: fast results over wide areas

Liquid spillages in supermarkets and warehouses must be mopped up quickly. The high-volume Aquva dolly mop with cut ends can absorb large amounts of liquid and dirt quickly. It also evenly distributes cleaning solution over large areas. The VERMOP Aquva system is perfect for conventional wet cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces and areas that require a lot of cleaning product. Aquva mops are available in the Robbe (premium) and Basic quality grades.


The Aquva mop and VK 4 wringer – working in perfect harmony

Aquva mops are ideal for cleaning industrial and bathroom areas. They can also be used during deep cleaning to neutralise deep cleaning liquids. These dolly mops are practical, easy to use and suitable for floors of all sizes. They can be combined with VK 4 wringers, enabling you to rinse and wring them out without touching them or removing them from the holder. The mop covers can be quickly and easily attached to the holder via a quick-release button. Holders are available all in plastic or with a robust stainless-steel bar.

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Vertical wringer VK 4 Aquva System


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  • Perfect for premises with heavy dirt build-up
  • Can absorb large amounts of cleaning liquid
  • Practical and easy to use


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