Turnado 55 PRO



The all-rounder with an aluminium tank


Our patented series of TURNADO 55 scrubber driers significantly reduces the required cleaning time. The scrubbing suction head of the TURNADO 55 machines, which can be rotated by up to 360°, ensures that even hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned by machine, making manual reworking unnecessary. The TURNADO 55 series is available in three differ-ent versions. As the PRO model, the TURNADO 55 is equipped with an aluminium tank with membrane wall and thus holds 50 l of water, which is available for cleaning. The powerful TURNADO 55 machines are the all-rounders among our scrubber driers and can be used in almost all areas. Thanks to EGGSTACY, the software solution from VERMOP, the TURNADO 55 can also be networked and is thus fully at home in the Internet of Things (IoT). The high-quality stainless steel chassis also comes with a 10-year warranty.


Areas of application

  • Can be used for almost any application:
    Shops, salesrooms, storage and work halls,
    workshops, etc.
  • Narrow storage areas and aisles due to
    TURNADO® Technology
Areas of application

Your advantages



  • Digital networking
  • 360° rotatable scrubbing suction head (enormous manoeuvrability and flexibility thanks to patented TURNADO® technology)
  • Longer usage times due to larger tank volume (for the PRO)
  • Easy to use
  • Extreme manoeuvrability due to compact design
Your advantages
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Technical Data

TURNADO® technology, which even allows the machine to reach into corners and niches. Even when reversing, the head always turns independently in the working direction so that water application, cleaning and extraction can proceed in the correct sequence.

  • Working width of brushes: 550 mm
  • Working width vacuum barn: 680 mm
  • Total length / height: 920 mm / 1150 mm
  • Clearance width: 670 mm
  • Tank volume (fresh/waste water): see below
  • Gel battery, maintenance-free: 24 V, 105 Ah
  • Working time per battery charge: approx. 2.5 h
  • Dead weight (including battery): 178 kg
  • Theoretical cleaning rate: 2475 m2/h
  • Max. driving speed: 4.5 km/h
  • Max. water supply: 3.5 l / min
  • Noise level: 75 dB / 69 dB BlueSave
  • Traction motor: 110 W
  • Brush motor: 2x 190 W
  • Vacuum motor: 500 W
  • Brush diameter: 285 mm
  • Brush contact pressure: 2.2 N/cm2

The TURNADO 55 is available in the following versions (also with optional networking in each case):

  • TURNADO 55: with 45 l fresh and waste water plastic tank
  • TURNADO 55 SV: with 45 l fresh and waste water plastic tank as a special swimming pool version
  • TURNADO 55 PRO: with 50 l fresh and waste water aluminium tank with membrane wall


Technical Data



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