Sprint® System


Two different wringers are available for Sprint and for numerous other cleaning methods.


With the Pre-Wash process, the treated Sprint covers can be transported hygienically to the storage point after central treatment, for example in the Moboxx. The mop covers are attached ergonomically without bending, directly from the Moboxx. The Pre-Wash process can be combined with all VERMOP trolley systems * and is also ideally suited to one-phase disinfectant cleaning or general cleaning.
*except Varietta/Logo

F1 flat wringer

With the F1 flat wringer, Sprint mops can be hygienically rinsed and wrung out without hand contact and in a time-saving manner without removing it from the holder. The high-quality F1 wringer in durable stainless steel can be combined with the VERMOP Equipe, Orbit and Variant trolley systems.

VK 4 vertical wringer

The VK 4 wringer allows the Sprint mop to be wrung out to exactly the degree of moisture the user wants. At the softpoint, the cover is automatically wrung out by the wringer without pressure on the lever. For a maximised wringing result – without any effort.

Des tub

The Des tub is ideally suited to one-step disinfectant cleaning in hospitals using the Sprint mop. With dosed moistening of the mop in the Des tub, the cover gets exactly the degree of moisture the user wants. Simply press the dosing pedal in the tub sieve with the holder.

more methods

Dosage sieve

Press the holder into the cleaning liquid in the tub; wring out using the dosage sieve to the desired degree of moisture.

Dry floor cleaning

With Ceran dry wiping covers for occasional cleaning or for cleaning moisture-sensitive floor covering.

Pour method

Apply the cleaning liquid from the bucket directly onto the floor, e.g. using the measuring beaker, distribute and mop up the liquid with the Sprint holder.


Spray method

Sprint combined with the pressure pump spray for removing light soiling or for spot-cleaning stubborn soiling.

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