Dirt destroyer

Dirt destroyer

Dirt destroyer

Cleaning chemical


VERMO POWER + is a highly alkaline deep and industrial liquid cleaner with powerful dirt removal and emulsifying properties. It is extremely effective at dissolving grease and oil and can even remove multiple old layers of polish.

VERMO POWER + is suitable for manual and machine-assisted cleaning of alkali-resistant surfaces. It is ideal for manual mopping and also machine-assisted operations with cleaning machines and single-disc machines.



At a glance

  • Highly alkaline deep and industrial cleaner
    For deep cleaning of stubborn stains and for removing polish.
  • Extremely powerful dirt removal and emulsifying properties

    Carefully selected active substances deliver outstanding results.

  • Dissolves exceptionally stubborn oil and grease stains

    Ideal as a general and deep cleaner in workshops and industrial companies.

  • Removes multiple old layers of polish

    Thanks to its special combination of active ingredients, VERMO POWER + easily removes even challenging coatings.

At a glance


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