Surface cleaner

Surface cleaner

Surface cleaner

Cleaning chemical


VERMO TOP, VERMOP’s liquid cleaner for surfaces, delivers rapid, reliable cleaning results. It is easy to use, highly effective and cleans surfaces without leaving behind any streaks. This easy-to-dose solution can be used in different concentrations for light, medium and heavy levels of dirt. VERMO TOP has a subtle fragrance that leaves surfaces smelling pleasant and hygienic after cleaning. Its low-foaming formula means it can also be used in cleaning machines.



At a glance

  • Universal cleaner

    Great all-rounder for different surfaces and high-gloss floors.

  • Dries quickly without streaks

    With its special formula, VERMO TOP easily cleans high-gloss surfaces such as tiles, glass and mirrors without you having to polish them afterwards.

  • Gentle neutral pH

    With a pH of seven, VERMO TOP is gentle on the skin and work surfaces.

  • Different concentrations

    VERMO TOP can be used in different concentrations depending on the level of soiling and required reach.

At a glance


  • Cloths
  • Accessories
  • Glove mop
  • Element mop
  • Brooms and brushes


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