Alcohol-based cleaner

Alcohol-based cleaner

Alcohol-based cleaner

Cleaning chemical


VERMOP’s alcohol-based liquid cleaner is a powerful universal cleaner for water-resistant surfaces and floors. It dries particularly quickly and without streaks, making it ideal for smooth surfaces and floors.

VERMO ALC has a pleasant, subtle fragrance that leaves surfaces and floors smelling fresh and hygienic after cleaning. The universal formula makes it a real all-rounder. Its low-foaming consistency means it can also be used in cleaning machines.



At a glance

  • One cleaner for all moisture-resistant materials

    VERMO ALC can be used on all moisture-resistant surfaces and floors.

  • Streak free, quick-dry effect

    Thanks to its water-resistant properties, this cleaning solution runs evenly off surfaces without forming water droplets as it dries – which means you don’t have to polish surfaces after cleaning.

  • Different concentrations

    VERMO ALC can be used in different concentrations depending on the level of soiling and required reach.

At a glance


  • Accessories
  • Cloths
  • Glove mop
  • Element mop
  • Brooms and brushes


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