Scandic X System

  1. Scandic X – Telescopic Handle

    One handle for everything: with just a push of a button, the Scandic X telescopic handle can be set to the right working length with no tiresome twisting.

  2. Scandic X – Connector System

    Maximum flexibility: with the Scandic X connector system, all the VERMOP cleaning appliances can be attached to the Scandic X telescopic handle.

  3. Scandic X – Toolbox

    With the Toolbox, you always have the right utensil to hand on board your cleaning trolley.

At a glance

  • Scandic X – Telescopic Handle

    The Scandic X telescopic handle can be adjusted simply to various working heights, from 80 cm length for mirror cleaning to 171 cm for overhead work.

  • Scandic X – Connector System

    With the unique Scandic X connector system, all VERMOP appliances, and accessories from all the major manufacturers, can be attached simply and securely to the handle.

  • Scandic X – Toolbox

    The clever Scandic X toolbox offers flexible attachment for all appliances.


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Product description

The superior concept of the Twixter cleaning system can be applied universally. It offers a functional, ecologically and ergonomically convincing and technically reliable solution for all surfaces. Cleverly-designed right down to the last detail, Twixter optimises your work processes. With the double-sided cover, you can complete wet and dry wiping in just one operation. Every second cover change is cut out; furniture no longer has to be moved. This cuts down on ground covered in transit, on time and on washing costs.

Application area

  • General cleaning and disinfectant cleaning
  • 1-step and 2-step cleaning
  • Ideal for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Daily cleaning – wiping floors dry to make them accessible again quickly