Scandic® Mono System

  1. Velcro holder in various working widths

    One-sided light velcro holder. Thanks to various holder sizes, the Scandic Mono is ideal for cleaning all areas from small to large.

  2. Various covers

    Depending on the purpose, high-quality microfibre covers are available for wet, damp and dry floor cleaning.

At a glance

  • Versatile for cleaning large and small areas

    Selection of velcro holders in various working widths.

  • High-tech microfibre technology

    Selection of velcro covers in high-quality microfibre for ideal cleaning results.

  • Suitable for wet, damp and dry floor cleaning

    Matching velcro mops available for different cleaning tasks.

  • Low level of physical exertion when wiping

    Light holder and mop with very good glide properties for ergonomic work.


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Scandic Cleaning Speedrunner

For fast cleaning of large areas, we recommend the Scandic Cleaning Speedrunner. This makes dry floorcleaning child’s play, whether in exhibition halls, sports halls or production facilities or in wide corridors.

Its vibration-absorbing kingpin steering and the highly-effective fast-stop foot brake make the Speedrunner a fast, effective and pleasant-to-use appliance. The Speedrunner is combined with the 120 cm Scandic Mono Ceran dry floor cleaning covers.