Variant System

  1. Colour-coded system

    Through the selection of coloured buckets, you can implement the colour-code system for various areas of use.

  2. Chromed or stainless steel

    Depending on the intended purpose, we offer the Variant in a chromed version and as a stainless steel trolley.

  3. All cleaning methods

    Variant can be combined with all current floor cleaning systems.

At a glance

  • The classic cleaning trolley

    Variant is the classic model among the cleaning trolleys.

  • Material version to suit your needs

    Variant is available chromed or in stainless steel.

  • The matching trolley for every purpose

    We offer the Variant model to suit every cleaning task.


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Product description

The Variant is the eternally young version among the functional VERMOP cleaning trolleys ? proven for years. The especially economical Variant is available in two versions: in chromed steel and, as the Variant Edition, in high-quality stainless steel. The diverse equipment options leave no wishes uncatered for, the Variant has the right solution for every area of use. High-quality materials guarantee stability and long service life.

Application area

  • Daily general cleaning in large premises
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Railway cleaning
  • As a stainless steel trolley for cleaning hygienically critical areas and clean rooms

Variant cleanroom

The Variant cleanroom cleaning trolley in high-quality stainless steel was developed and tested specifically for use in cleanrooms with stringent standards. The GMP-conforming material, the autoclavable wheels and the precise, premium workmanship is proven by EU GMP A/B certification, tested by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute.

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