AquvaVIZ System

  1. Compact trolley

    Its compact external dimensions make the AquvaVIZ particularly nifty.

  2. Module

    The modular system includes a selection of different wringer and wet mopping processes. The easy fitting or detaching of the module also makes the AquvaVIZ ideal for lock-up premises.

  3. Pocket bag

    With the accessories, for example, the pocket bag, you create additional clearly-structured storage space for your working material.

  4. Driving handle with sponge rubber cover

    The optional ergonomic driving handle makes the AquvaVIZ comfortable to steer, even with heavy loads.

At a glance

  • Nifty – even in the tightest of spaces

    The size of AquvaVIZ makes flexible manoeuvring easy even in cramped spaces.

  • Can be extended with a further selection of accessories

    AquvaVIZ comes with a range of optional accessories such as the pocket bag which add to the functions of the trolley.

  • Easy to push

    Thanks to the optional driving handle with sponge rubber, the trolley can be comfortably manoeuvred even when fully loaded.


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Product description

The compact AquvaVIZ is the versatile and particularly nifty system for general cleaning and waste disposal. Even more possibilities are opened up by the modular extension options – for example for supplies and for surface cleaning. The system proves its superiority particularly in small premises of up to 200 m2 and where space is cramped.

Application area

  • General cleaning
  • Small premises
  • Stair cases
  • Operating theatres
  • Workshop trolley (Model “Butler“)