1. Buffers

    The buffers minimise marks on walls and furniture.

  2. Joystick

    The nifty Equipmove can be steered by joystick simply and easily in any direction.

  3. Stand with chequer plate

    The chequer plate stand guarantees stability for the operator when moving.

  4. Cleaning trolley with electric drive

    Transports material and operator comfortably and effortlessly.

  5. Long battery running time

    When the battery is fully loaded, the Equipemove can be driven around for two hours.

At a glance

  • Driving instead of pushing

    Thanks to the electric drive, long stretches and inclines can be easily covered.

  • Simple operation

    The operating system with joystick is easy to use.

  • Safety

    The horn ensures active safety while passive safety is provided by the lockable operating system. The chequer plate stand is especially non-slip and ensures that the operator is steady.

  • Easy to manoeuvre

    With its steerable castors, the Equipemove is very nifty and easy to manoeuvre.

Product description

Couldn’t be more mobile – the Equipemove with electric drive. Long stretches and even inclines can be covered in comfort, saving the operator’s energy. The system is steered very simply via a compact control panel. The operator can ride along and even move heavy loads quickly to where they are needed. The two front wheels make the Equipemove manoeuvrable. It can turn on its own axis – for speedy, time-saving work on large areas.

Application area

  • Material transport over long stretches