Equipe® Cleenjet

  1. Cleenjet

    Using the module, the double-sided Twixter Mop and Scandic Mop are quickly and efficiently freed of dust and dirt.

At a glance

  • The used cover is drawn through the nozzle and is ready for use again immediately.

  • The Equipe Cleenjet has received the Purus Design Award.

Product description

The Cleenjet nozzle significantly increases the performance of the Twixter or Scandic system for dry floor cleaning. After activation by foot switch, used Twixter or Scandic Duo Ceran covers are sucked through the nozzle while the user waits - and in a flash are free of loose dust and dirt particles. They are ready for use again immediately, cutting down on frequent mop changes and the associated washing costs, and increasing the service life of the mops.

Application area

  • Dry cleaning