Customer-specific system consultation

Consultation and partnership with our customers

The VERMOP sales force proves its competence anew every day: From experience, our staff have a deep understanding of the tasks. Together with you, they develop individual solutions, tailored precisely to your cleaning tasks. Because the seeds of good ideas are sown when partners talk. With your cooperation, our staff analyse the current situation in your premises in order to develop a concept for maximum results. With the introduction of the new VERMOP cleaning systems, we are by your side to deploy these as efficiently as possible – for example with training courses to qualify your cleaning staff. The following pages present an example of the development of an overall concept for a customer from Hungary.


Creativity is one of the success factors at VERMOP – and a competitive advantage for our customers. The different tasks faced by our customers, their experience with problem-solving and the intensive dialogue with us are the basis for the development of new systems. Including the constant optimisation of existing products. One example of a product developed together with our customer is the Equipe bike, designed specially for covering long distances in airport cleaning.