Working ergonomically

Carrying working materials correctly

Keep your body upright. Keep your back straight, raise your head and look where you are going. Carry the load close to your body. If possible, make no sideward movements when carrying a load. Your feet should be used to change direction.

Adjusting the handle length

For ergonomically correct mopping which does not put strain on the back, the right handle length is decisive. When adjusted exactly, the handle reaches the user’s chin.

Vacuuming floors

Work with your legs, not your arms. Keep the upper body upright and, where possible, place both hands on the suction hose at hip level.

Cleaning flat surfaces, like table tops, etc. with a cloth

Position yourself with feet apart and one foot forward in front of the surface to be cleaned and lean on one hand. Wipe with the other hand in small circular motions, working towards your body – your back should always remain straight. Change the position of your feet when you wish to change the direction you are working in. Where possible, change over to the other hand from time to time.