Work preparation

Fill buckets and tubs using the water-filling device

Use the water-filling device for filling buckets and other containers fast, simply and ergonomically correctly at every tap – even outside the utility room! Simply pull the rubber cap over the tap, attach the other end to the bucket and fill with water. (Fits most conventional taps.)

Always put up warning signs

The warning sign should always be put up where it is clearly visible when wet cleaning is in progress.

Fold cleaning cloths for optimum results

In order to use the entire surface of the cleaning cloth for cleaning and to prevent contamination of surfaces already cleaned, use the folding technique, e.g. eight-fold folding described below.

Moistening Textronic cloths

In order to ideally moisten a Textronic cloth for surface cleaning, use the folding technique described. Then moisten 1/3 of the length of the open side of the folded cloth with water. Now scrunch up the cloth to distribute the moisture. Finally, fold the cloth as described in “Folding cleaning cloths”.